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Incidentally, we stayed in the PPH for our Honeymoon and paid for a room with a view and I've never felt like I waisted money more. I was pregnant at the time and I had severe sciatica and couldn't walk much without my legs buckling out from underneath me. The walk from the hotel to the park was worse than if we'd stayed across the street and paid half as much. Even with a wheelchair it was beastly inconvenient. The view was of palm trees and the street next to the hotel with a very far distant DCA in the horizon. We paid $150 more for the "view". Absolutely ridiculous.
It is ridiculous of Disney to make their Resort guests, who are paying top doller for everything to walk a half mile to the front gates...especially when Motels accross the st, that are so much closer, have the option of transportation.

What they should do(but won't) is extend that Red Trolly all the way to the Paradise Pier Hotel.....

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It bothers me more seeing the Anaheim Convention Center and Hilton across Katella.
You said it......is it just me or when it gets really, really hot does the Hilton seem even bigger?

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I was under the impression they already had one.

Fair enough

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It's not because of the hotel. It's because DCA gets half the attendance of Disneyland and they can't justify the expense of keeping it open later. Although once the World of color show starts they will probably have to open later in order to have two showings.
I hope so; I've always wondered why DCA closes early. The only time it looks half-way pretty is when the sun goes down((shrugs))