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    Birthday visitor from overseas, free admission?


    We have a birthday visitor from overseas (England), a nine year old. Her family is here and hoping to visit Disneyland with free admission for the birthday girl. However online details appear sketchy about the admission requirements. She has a passport. Registering ahead of time seems impossible as she is under 18. Can anyone clarify that if she visits (with her parents) Disneyland with no pre-registering but simply her passport (and her parent's passports) that she will receive free admission??

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    Re: Birthday visitor from overseas, free admission?

    It should work that way ok. Pre registration is not a requirement, just more convenient. As long as all of her other paper work is ok, she should be able to get in just fine.

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    Re: Birthday visitor from overseas, free admission?

    from the Disney website

    "You must be a resident of the United States or Canada to register online for free admission on your birthday. If you are not a resident of the United States or Canada you are still eligible for the free admission on your birthday offer — please come to the Main Entrance ticket booth on your birthday with a valid Government-issued passport or other proper valid ID that includes a photo and shows your date of birth."

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