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    Are the fires effecting DLR?

    ARG......I see the original thread.

    Thanks any way!
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    Re: Are the fires effecting DLR?

    hopefully the mod will merge this w/ the other fire thread
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    Re: Are the fires effecting DLR?

    Quote Originally Posted by blondiethesounds View Post
    So....are the LA fires affecting the resort at all?

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    Re: Are the fires effecting DLR?

    You can smell a lot of smoke in the air right now, all over L.A. The skies are odd because of all the smoke, but you can still get white puffy clouds and bright skies in the morning. But for an overall clearer trip I would say move it until the fires are out; walking around in the 100 degree heat out here WITH the smoke and an orange sky isn't the best! Lol, and everything is covered in ash. The weather usually affects my mood, so if you're anything like me I'd say it'd be best to wait for the sunshiny day!

    I hope you have a magical trip!

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