My mom, two little brothers, & I decided to go to Disneyland, where it was extremely hot & crowded! We decided to just go over to Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. We haven't been there since it reopened with the pirate additions, & my youngest brother hadn't been there at all, so we got on a raft & were excited to explore the island.

"All hail the claw!" This area of Pirate's Lair reminds me of the claw scene in Toy Story. I'll name this skeleton Woody!

Woody just won't give up.

A pirate drowned? That's like an Imagineer with no imagination! I'm naming this one Fishy.

He's drowning again! Bye, Fishy.

I was walking across the bridge that goes over the water, across from the abondoned mine train, and I saw this. I had never noticed it before. So I guess Fishy & Woody drowned when the boat crashed. I'm assuming the other pirates made it out. So I'm gonna say Woody died because he was too busy trying to save the treasure, & Fishy just couldn't swim.

Abandoned Mine Car

Back of a wrecked ship. Could this be the one Woody and Fishy were on?

East Indian Trading Company sound familiar?

Lots of Barrels!

The Mark Twain Riverboat!

Treasure Chest


I was walking and I just saw this huge anchor

Here it comes...

...almost there...


Sleeping Ducks


Lafitte's Tavern Sign

When we were done exploring, we got back on a raft & headed to New Orleans Square. Once we got there, we decided to go home because of the heat, but my mom & I didn't forget to stop & get some caramel apples! Yum!