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    Running around Disneyland The Disneyland 5K

    In the slow and painful death of HE-FAT....(you really have to read all my blogs to get that reference)....I headed out to Disneyland for the Disneyland 5K run.

    A lot of fun...
    Friday 4th September...Had to go out to the Disneyland hotel to pick up my race t-shirt and visited the Disney Health and Fitness expo. Also got a premiere issue of D23 Magazine

    It was a really cute setup with a fake track laid out leading into underground area where you turned in race waiver to get number for race


    The line to pick up Shirt was so long it needed a Fastpass....(It moved quickly though)

    There were a lot of booths at Fitness expo
    I tried the gross 10 Calorie vitamin water.

    Run Photo op

    Race number

    They had free Screening of some ABC shows and runner talks...

    Saturday 5th Sept 2009 (Bloody early in the morning)
    I arrived around 6:15am to a Dance party in Parking lot.

    Main Street DJ

    Some People were dressed up for the occasion
    Tinkerfellow and Duck woman

    Big Hat guy

    These people

    People were lining up early

    The Dapper Dans sang us some early morning songs

    And then we were off...for a fun 3.1 miles
    (I hate the slow starts where you can't even start running at the beginning because there are so many people) ..Was able to snap this picture on the way past start line

    The Dick of the Day award: goes to WALKERS that line up at the front for the start....I'm glad you are walking and supporting the race....But please lineup towards the back next time so everyone else doesn't have to avoid you like and obstacle course for the first 1/4 mile of the race.

    Race Pictures
    The course started at Parking structure --Ran the tram route in DCA.

    Here is a cool picture of couple with Disney Bride and groom Mouse ears

    Cheering us on in DCA was the High School Musical crew

    We headed into Flick's Fun Fair area then backstage then down Hollywood Backlot area past the play house Disney bunch

    Thumping past the 1 mile mark (backstage)

    Then the course heading into Disneyland---into the backstage area behind Main Street and Tomorrowland--Buzz was up where the old Peoplemover used to be.

    Running through the castle

    Past Smallworld we headed backstage again. (Near old float building and Train and Monorail storage area.)

    Slowing down to take a Goofy picture in Toontown

    Backstage again (I remember all these areas from when I worked there) We passed Chip and Dale in near Big Thunder.

    The finale of the race was on Main Street USA with Mickey Pluto and Minnie sitting on a double decker bus to cheer you to the finish line

    Definitely the funniest 5k I've ever run...I will definitely do it again next year

    We all got a cool Mickey Race Medal and photo op after the Face.....The slow and painful death of HE Fat continues.....Down 15 Lbs (mostly from swimming and eating better) 5K Time improved even after not having run in 2 months......HE Less FAT now.....

    Yeah Baby!

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    Re: Running around Disneyland The Disneyland 5K

    Cool pics! Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Running around Disneyland The Disneyland 5K

    great picture's s
    till look's "HOT"!

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    Re: Running around Disneyland The Disneyland 5K

    Congrats on finishing! Love DL 5K pics! Nice work!
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    Re: Running around Disneyland The Disneyland 5K

    I feel like I would be mad every time I saw a character bcuz I would be like, hey, stop standing around waving and start running with us! lol

    good job!

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    Re: Running around Disneyland The Disneyland 5K


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