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    Candlelight Procession

    If there is already a thread for this, I apologize for posting this, and go ahead and merge it. If not, well, then maybe Darkbeer can answer this question.

    So far, we know that its gonna be the 3rd and 4th. And the recent report stating that Dick Van Dyke is going to be the celebrity narrator. But my question is, is it going to be at Main Street like usual or has it really been relocated to the Fantasyland theater? I still hope it will be at Main Street because it just won't have the same atmosphere at FT as it does at Main Street. Sure, there would be more seating and it won't be a traffic nightmare. And sure, there will still be the awesome power of their collective voices bringing people to near tears (or watery eyes) just because of the sheer sound of it. But I still like to be able to hear those words of the story being recited (such as the christmas star) or hear the choir singing and being able to look up into the night sky. Not to mention that this is all taking place around that huge Christmas tree and in the "ole town atmosphere" of Main Street itself. It just wouldn't be the same.

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