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    Buzz is back from space

    So Buzz is Back from Space.
    Is he coming to Disneyland, since he landed in California?

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    Re: Buzz is back from space

    Ooh, I totally forgot about Buzz taking a vacation in orbit, it feels like he's been up there for ages. I think it would be totally appropriate to bring him over to the park in a nice display case with a plaque somewhere in tomorrowland, maybe innoventions, maybe even a permanent spot somewhere outside his ride!

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    Re: Buzz is back from space

    Thats awesome that he gets a parade with the original Buzz! And i think maybe a nice spot in his ride would be cool.
    "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known."-Walt Disney

    Hope I was helpful!

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    Re: Buzz is back from space

    *Talking in Ali G voice* "Buzz Lightyear, was you jealous because Louis Armstrong was the first person to walk on da sun?"

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