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    ?'s about special needs pass

    greetings from Lake Tahoe, My wife and I will be at Disneyland on 11-15 and 11-16. this will be out 4th trip in the last 6 years. our last 3 trips my wife who is on disability got the pass with no questions asked. Now i have heard that they are limiting the way the pass works. When I phoned guest services I explaned that my wife can only visit the park for short amounts of times due to medical reasons. I was told that they still give out the front of line type of pass but on a case by case situation. has any one had any type of experance with guest services getting one of this type of pass.

    another question how should the lines be mid week on 11-15 and 16 (Wednesday and Thursday)

    Bob (my wife thinks I am nuts for wanting another trip to DL) P.

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    Re: ?'s about special needs pass

    I will answer the question I know the answer to.

    Those dates should not be exceptionally busy.

    As for your wife, it would probably be easier to tell if we knew why your wife can only stand to be in the park for short time periods. But, being as this is a public forum I can certainly understand why you would want to keep that private.

    Unfortunately I think you are going to have to play the "wait and see" game. You may not know for sure if you can get the pass until you get to the park.

    Sorry I can't be more help to you.

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    Re: ?'s about special needs pass

    Basically (and this is simplified), if someone has an "endurance" issue, no pass will be given, and you will be recommended to get a wheelchair, and use FASTPASS.

    If you have an issue such as bad knees and need to avoid stairs, you will be given a special card that states that you can avoid the queues that have stairs, or at least the part of them (such as Indy) that have stairs. (Still need to go thru the first part of the queue, until you reach the stairs)

    Basically, they match up the need for assistance with the person, instead of the old "let's give everyone a Front of the Line pass" policy.

    The best thing to do is stop by City Hall when you enter the park, and talk to one of the Guest Relations CM's. They have been trained to respond based on the individual person's needs.

    But a Front of the Line pass is VERY hard to get, and is basically given to folks like "Make a Wish" kids.

    The goal is to make sure folks have EQUAL access, and not special access.

    But you have picked some good days, as the next week is Thanksgiving week, with large expected crowds, but November 15th and 16th should be fairly quiet, and you should be able to get a lot done.
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