Well I have been playing around at home and such and been getting some good results but now I am having two issues:

1. The flash will not come on. It will pop up when in automatic mode but won't flash. I have went into the Custom Setting and reset everything to default so I dont know if somehow I turned it off or it is broken. Any suggestions???

2. Today at my daughter's school at an assembly. We are in the MultiUse room with fluorescent lights. I was taking some pictures in the Manual mode with the M selected. I have the ISO set to 1600. The exposure I tried at several ranges from 0.00 - +5.0. Every time I took a picture it was just black. Now if I used the manual mode A or P the pictures took fine but were blurry. Any Suggestions?

I am so bummed I will not be able to take this camera. It seems to be messing up. Or maybe I just really suck that bad with pictures.

**Note** I do not plan on using flash on the rides. I hate it just as much as you. But with my manual settings not working either it doesn't seems like I will be able to get any good shots on the fireworks or fantasmic.