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    Re: new to disney, please help plan our schedule

    Since you have young children with you there are certain attractions that you should not miss.

    1) Playhouse Disney - children love it and adults have a great time capturing those special moments of seeing their young child experience the nice puppet show.

    2) Disney animation - located in the hollywood picture backlot area. The attraction building consists of three main attractions plus two other unique experiences.

    the attractions consists of turtle talk, sorcerors workshop, and drawn to imagination (i think thats what it is called) they all have experiences that everyone in the family will enjoy. the other two unique experiences are the main lobby of the building, a continous loop of disney movies play all around the audience and it is a great place to just sit for a bit and relax. the other is a small room where they have the toy story zoetrope.

    3) The pixar play parade is also one that will definately entertain young children and it is a treat to watch. this parade runs at Disney's california Adventure. depending on the weather the floats may use water along with bubbles. if the weather is too cold they normally reduce the water usage.

    4) alladin musical in DCA is also a must see and children seem to enjoy it. It is also a great place for them to relax and if necessary take a 40+ minute nap while you enjoy the show.

    but like others have said you have plenty of time to enjoy the resort. when i plan on spending multiple days first thing i do when i get there is grab maps of both parks and get familiar with the parks.

    It would be a good thing to take a couple highlighters with you. Pick one color of the highlighters and mark every restroom in both park maps. Along with that highlight important things like the first aid station and child care/lost and found area.
    If the children are old enough to wonder off i suggest getting a small badge that you could pin on them with your Name cell, number, hotel and info on the hotel you are staying just as a precaution.

    using another color highlighter mark off attractions as you go on them. Make it a game for the children. It might even be fun to pick a certain color highlighter and mark the attractions that the whole family could go on together. have the childrne pick attractions depending on the colors.

    vacations in theme parks could be very fustrating and tiring the important thing is to involve everyone especially the young ones in the decision making on what you guys could do next. Time in the hotel room is the best time to do this.

    If you are renting a car here is a little trick that has worked for family members that i know that have taken Disney trips with children and want to be conservative on the amount of money they spend on trinkets.

    A couple miles south of Disneyland resort is the Disney outlet (if you like many of us know the address). Maybe one of the adults could sneak out for an hour and go to the Disney outlet and pick up a few Disney merchandise from the outlet and then come back and put them in a backpack. During your times in the park occasionally surprise the young ones by giving them a Disney toy, shirts and other trinkets. They will never know that it was bought at an outlet and all the merchandise has Disneyland tags on them. it especially works for the light up toys they sell at the park for a high price yet you could usually find at the outlet for up to 1/2 off.

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    Re: new to disney, please help plan our schedule

    With kids it can also help to space shows throughout the day. Tiki Room, or the Aladdin show. Just to stop walking and have a break for a bit. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and enjoy the scenery on a bench too. Even for a few minutes. Riding the train is good for this as well.

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    Re: new to disney, please help plan our schedule

    My advice: enjoy the little things! With the luxury of having 4 1/2 days, you'll have the privilege of being able to soak up the atmosphere, people-watch, notice the little details. To me this is a lot of what separates Disney parks from other parks.

    My favorites:
    - Chill in New Orleans Square / Adventureland with a mint julep
    - Watch and listen to the live music performing... the Dapper Dans on Main Street, for instance
    - Ride the Mark Twain with your family, explore the ship and see the sights on the River
    - Look for and set off all the interactive gags in Toontown
    - See the Enchanted Tiki Room and get a Dole Whip
    - Get your fortune from Esmeralda on Main Street

    Find your own! Just stop and see what's around you.

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    Re: new to disney, please help plan our schedule

    DO Not Forget to take advantage of the Photopass System even if you are not sure if you want to purchase any of the photos. As soon as you enter the first park find a photo pass member and get your card. Don't be shy about asking every single photographer to take pictures of you and your family and have them scan the card. You will be amazed at how many interetsing photos you will get to browse through when you get home on the net.

    Also take a few minutes and stop at city hall and get your whole family a first visit pass. The children will love it and they will enjoy the attention the castmembers give them throughout their stay.

    Don't be afraid to try some of the sit down restuarants when it comes to trying out food at the resort. Several of those restaurant food portions are large enough for two people and you get a better meal for the price then buying the regular hamburger and fries.

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    Re: new to disney, please help plan our schedule

    As others have already said with over 4 days at the parks you will have plenty of time to do everything at your leasure. Take it as it comes and enjoy!

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