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    Re: MiceChat Burped!

    Quote Originally Posted by dizzydisneydee
    Cuzco and I had a great convo for about 20 minutes on that thread. LOL It was all gone. But if that is the price to pay for the Soon™ to come, I will gladly put a burpy cloth on my shoulder and pat MC on the back until its alllllllllll done!
    I was reading that convo and laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes!!

    I am really relieved to hear it was just a burp!

    I am such a computer novice that I don't realize these things sometimes happen until my husband tells me.

    So where do you suppose all the missing material goes? Can you imagine if it ended up in some really odd location? LOL

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    Re: MiceChat Burped!

    Ah the new TOS. Just goes to show you that soon is coming sooner than you think! Have YOU figured out the riddle yet?

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