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    DL and DCA hours of operation

    Ok so we're going in December and the hours of operation are not posted yet. I'll be able to make breakfast reservations for Ariels Grotto around mid October (at the 60 day mark) and I plan on asking for the earliest time, but what if the park isn't open yet. If the hours of operation are not listed then how do the restaurants know what times they can make reservations for?

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    Re: DL and DCA hours of operation

    What days are you going?

    Normal off-season wekedays are 10 to 8 at Disneyland and 10 to 6 at DCA.

    Weekends have longer hours, go look at a non-holiday week currently on the calendar for the average hours (I would use the October 23rd weekend for a good comparison, no holidays or special events).

    Note, December 7th and 8th will have some strange hours, as those are the expected CM holiday party nights. Disneyland will close at 6 PM (and yes, fireworks at 5:45 PM) and DCA will close late (I think 9 PM) as a replacement for the early DL closing.

    Disney will start extending hours of operation on December 18th for the Christmas holiday season.
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    Re: DL and DCA hours of operation

    You think Disney only plans park hours like 2 months in advance? I doubt it. But the schedule isn't finalized and all until shortly before it is posted to the public most likely.

    And even if Disney's California Adventure isn't open for the day yet, there will be a CM from the restaurant to check you in at the gate and a ticket taker CM to let you into the park. Then there is usually some set path they ask you to take from the gate to the restaurant.

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    Re: DL and DCA hours of operation

    this should help

    Disneyland Hours of Operation For December 2008

    DCA always opens an hour later than disneyland from what i can tell.

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    Re: DL and DCA hours of operation

    Quote Originally Posted by Bexington View Post

    DCA always opens an hour later than disneyland from what i can tell.
    Pretty much thats the case for every year.

    DCA typically opens 2 hours later than Disneyland if DL opens at 8AM. But DCA typically opens at 10AM regardless of what day it is or what holiday it is. Which means that both parks open at the same time if DL opens at 10AM as well in the off-season.

    It also closes either 4-3hrs before Disneyland itself closes to give parkhoppers in DCA time for Disneyland. If Disneyland closes at 12AM then they would close at either 8PM, 9PM or 10PM.

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