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    Parks in November?

    I know this is a bit away, but about how busy do you think the parks will be around November 6-8?

    We're just wondering, because we've never been in November. I also wasn't sure with the birthday promo this year as well.

    Any help appreciated ^___^

    Thanks guys!

    EDIT: Also, one of the people I am going with has panic disorder, so we're also wondering how busy it will be, so we can avoid panic attacks or re schedule the trip.
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    Re: Parks in November?

    Its a weekend, but its after the Halloween stuff and before Thanksgiving so it should only be a moderately busy weekend. Veterans Day is in the middle of the week this year so that weekend might not be bad (no three day weekend). But Thanksgiving is usually very busy.

    Since you are going early in the month, it will most likely be ok, and the weather should be wonderful too.

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    Re: Parks in November?

    I don't think it'll be that crowded. Like the other poster said, it's between promos so it might be a slow time. I'd check the sticky in this forum about crowds and see what others are saying as well.

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