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    Re: Portrait of new DLR president

    The pictures and commentary are hilarious! We're not criticizing him, we've all taken bad pictures before, too, we're only relating to him. If he can't laugh at himself every once in a while, he's a little too sensitive in my opinion. I have hopes for this guy after reading Al's update. And thanks for digging up that picture Techskip! How long did it take you to find it?

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    Re: Portrait of new DLR president

    That pocket protector alone means Disneyland is in good hands for the next 3 years. No geek is going to mess with anything good that survived the Eisner/Pressler years. I bet he's pushing a new PeopleMover model around a track this very moment. The plaid shirt and tousled hair give hope for a new Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland.. And the cordless phone - cutting edge for the 1970s - indicates a return of Adventure thru Inner Space might sit on his desk for a while.
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    Re: Portrait of new DLR president

    He doesn't look like too bad of a guy to me. Let's see how he does.

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