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    Smile "Golden Horseshoe Revue"

    Who would like bring back "Old West"
    at The "Golden Horseshoe Revue"!
    I think this show be worth bringing back to stage,
    What do you think!

    The Golden Horseshoe Revue was the original and
    longest running show at the saloon playing from
    July 17, 1955 until October 12, 1986.
    The stage show features saloon owner Slue Foot Sue and
    her dance hall girls who welcome the audience with Hello
    Everybody followed by a flirtatious interactive song like
    A Lady Has to Mind Her P’s and Q’s or Riverboat Blues.
    various skits featuring a traveling salesmen,
    Later the show is interrupted byPecos Bill himself who
    sings his self titled signature song.
    Information from Wikipedia
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    Re: "Golden Horseshoe Revue"

    I would absolutely love to have that show back in there instead of the Hillbillies. Way more entertaining for the slightly older crowd and a much better theme, in my opinion. I'm sorry to say I'm not old enough to have ever seen it live, being born one year before it ended.

    EDIT - oops, I didn't realize he posted this under SeaWorld.. somebody ought to get a mod to move this.
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    Re: "Golden Horseshoe Revue"

    Why is this in the Sea World section?

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