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    Watch Out for BEES

    Ok, so Indy says "Watch Out for anything that slithers," but I'm going to change it up a little and say, "watch out for anything that BUZZES"

    In like for the Autopia today, I got stung by a bee. I was with two little kids (my sisters) so I had to pull out my own stinger, which SUCKS. And it has swollen up like a baseball. Check it out.


    Seriously, and this is five hours later... SOOO watch out for bees.

    Esp. Tomorrowland ones. They are like killer bee style. They're hardcore.

    btw, if you haven't had a bee sting in at least five years, it's msot likely that you have FORGOTTEN how much they hurt. Oh man. I wasn't crying but it STINGS. You can feel the venom moving in your veins. It's a painful tingling. Augh God.
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    Re: Watch Out for BEES

    That happened to me at my friends, but a wasp... It hurt, but I thought it would hurt more.. Mix baking powder and water, and walla, get's rid of venom! Just rub it on bee sting..

    2 days later my arms was all puffed up, and itchy.. It was huge! I was put on medicine, then they medicine made me feel sick... So I was away a week from school, now teachers are on strike!

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    Re: Watch Out for BEES


    I hope that it gets better real soon.

    Thanks for the warning!

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    Re: Watch Out for BEES

    Thats it im bringing love sleeves when i visit, cus im allerchic hardcore to bees
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