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    Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    As I've mentioned in other threads, I have never visited Disney's California Adventure. I've been to Disneyland countless times, but I've never ventured over to the other side to see the second gate. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and although I come down to SoCal often for business and occasionally for pleasure, when I do have time to make a detour to Anaheim I always opt for the "first gate". Having heard enough bad press over the years about DCA I always stick with Disneyland Park when I visit.

    So out of curiousity, and setting aside all of the great things that are coming thanks to the billion dollar makeover, can you give me your top 10 reasons why Disney's California Adventure is worth visiting right now? Not months or years from now. Right now today. What makes it worth the price of admission? I'm not suggesting that its not worth the price. I'm just curious to hear what it is that brings you to DCA and why I visit it too.

    Let's try to keep this a DCA-gripe-free thread. Just the positive stuff.

    What are your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA right now?

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. Soarin' Over California
    2. Tower of Terror
    3. Grizzly Rapids River Run
    4. Toy Story Mania
    5. California Screamin'
    6. Monsters Inc. Sully to the Rescue
    7. Aladdin musical Stage show
    8. Muppetvision 3D
    9. Taste Pilot's Grill
    10. The Electrical Parade (when it plays)

    Need I go on?

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. Alladin
    2. Soarin'
    3. Screamin'
    4. Tower
    5. Midway Mania
    6. San Andreas Shakes(Great milkshakes)
    7. Catch a Flav (Unique soft serve ice cream)
    8. Lucky Fortune Cookery (Great ric bowls)
    9. Animation Academy
    10. Off the Page

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. The Winery! For those of us out of state, it is the closest we can get to the wine country! (you are from NoCal, so, well, you have an advantage!)
    2. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The show is better in Florida, to be sure, but the ride is better here in at DCA!
    3. California Screamin'. An excellent coaster, nonetheless. And since it was made in modern times, there's no jarring corners or teeth-rattling drops. It is like riding on smooth glass.
    4. Boudin Bakery. Okay, you live in SF, but for us out of staters? OMG! Fresh bread is also hard to come by due to the altitude I live at. This is the stuff!
    5. Soarin'. An excellent ride, as well.
    6. Animation Building. Even if you don't do any of the activities, the lobby is so impressive, you'll find yourself staring.
    7. The 'Bellhop March' when they come to lower the ropes. I love it and gets me 'in the mood' for the day.
    8. Monsters, Inc. Since this wasn't the original ride, the design is VERY close to the ride vehicles. It makes it all a bit more personal, for some reason. Very well done for a dark ride.
    9. Friends. The last several times I've gone to DCA, it was either with MCers or friends I brought with me. With MCers, their Disney savvy shines through and let's me feel like I'm part of something bigger and welcome to a party with individuals you've known since childhood; with my friends, their eyes are bit wider--this ain't no Six Flags.
    10. Sadly, I am one of three people who liked "Golden Dreams." I felt it did capture something of that California spirit you all share. It also had images of Harvey Milk and Cesar Chavez, two individuals I profoundly admire and said volumes about Disney's perception of their state.

    I'm a Zen Taoist. All things exist, in our world. It helps to see DCA as just a place. No good, no bad. We add our opinions to it. So when you arrive, smile and tell yourself you'll enjoy it-and you will.

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. Tower of Terror Baby!- My 1st ride of the day when I enter DCA!
    2. The Aladdin Show- It is absolutely AMAZING! If you enjoyed the movie hands down you'll the show even more! (So sad they're replacing it though)
    3. The Blue Cheese Burger at Pilots Grill YUM baby YUM... (To each his own!)
    4. CA Screamin' that ride is AWESOME in the evening! Never disappointed in that one!
    5. The Electrical Parade it brings a nice change to the evening.
    6. Not sure if this counts but the Lobby at the Grand Hotel next the fireplace, VERY NICE! (Normally ENTER there through DCA)
    7. Tortilla Factory-Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Delicious! But only the flour, dont like it when I get corn!
    8. A bugs life show- So cute! I hate it though when you feel the bugs on your back!
    9. Talking with Crush- DUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!! Crush is just awesome, thats all I have to say!
    10. Corn on the Cobb never disappoints me! mMMMMM mmmmmm.... mMMMMMM...this is tie with Rita's Baja Blenders, on a hot day.... Refreshing....

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    There are many great attractions at DCA, and it's only getting better. My brother and his family come over from AZ and they've never been. I'm always try to get them to spend a day at DCA.

    1. Soarin' Over California (usually voted favorite DCA attraction by most people I know)
    2. Toy Story Midway Mania (just cool, great technology and very fun)
    3. Alladin Musical at the Hyperion Theater (great show that is going away)
    4. Tower of Terror (great theme and execution from start to finish)
    5. California Screamin' (a wonderful fast and smooth coaster)
    6. Grizzly Rapids River Run. (better than similar rides at other parks)
    7. Disney Animation: Acadaemy / Turtle Talk with Crush, and more (lots of interesting stuff in here, far better than a trip to Innoventions)
    8. Tough to Be a Bug (Next to Mickey's PhilharMagic, the best of these type of 3D/4D movies by Disney)
    9. Electric Light Parade (still holds up after all these years)
    10. Pixar Play Parade (great costumes and floats)

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. Rides: Soarin' over California, California Screamin', and Toy Story Midway Mania are all must rides in my book. I also really enjoy Tower of Terror, Grizzly Rapids River Run, and have fun on Monsters Inc., and Mullholland Madness.

    2. Shows: Alladin is fantastic. It's a really really good show. It's Tough to Be a Bug is also really fun, and I sometimes enjoy seeing the Muppets as well.

    3. Food: I really enjoy eating at the Wine Country Trattoria. Having a glass of wine there with a really enjoyable lunch or dinner is great. They serve great bread, good salads, and fantastic soup, which I always look for. If find it to be a good couple degrees of quality better than most of the restaurants in Disneyland, but maybe that's the wine talking. It's fun to sit outside and watch the Pixar Play Parade. I wouldn't watch the parade otherwise, but this seems like a "premium viewing experience" without the added price, just the price of your regular meal if you plan it and get a little lucky. The Vineyard Room was great too; which I thought was re-opening, but I could be wrong.

    4. The Animation Building - I still haven't managed to see everything in there, but I enjoy it each time I visit. We had a great time at Turtle Talk with Crush as well.

    5. I really enjoy the atmosphere and theming of the Grizzly Peaks area. The mountain and the main river, as well as the waterfalls coming off the various sides of the mountain are evocative and beautiful.

    6. Special Events: I really enjoyed the Food and Wine Festival at DCA. If you are ever in the area around that time, they have had great food offerings, cooking demonstrations, and beer and wine tasting that we really enjoyed. We went to a special dinner of some sort there once with samplings from chefs of many of the resort restaurants, and it remains a favorite memory.

    7. Lighter crowds for the majority of the day make it a more laid back place to be on more crowded days.

    8. I'm running out of general categories, so I'm going to give the "blast off" area of California Screamin' it's own number. Seriously, I love waiting there to be hurtled forward, and I love watching people about to go! Even better when the lagoon is filled up and beautiful.

    9. The Lagoon. Right now it's a mess of construction, but that's actually sort of interesting to look at in and of itself. When It's filled, I think it's really pretty, especially at night.

    10. Exhibits: I really enjoyed my one visit to The Blue Sky Cellar; it was informative and entertaining, as well as being a relaxing break. We only went through the Tortilla Factory and the Bread Factory once each, but I guess they are OK too, ha ha.

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. Soarin' - Honestly some of the best music in any Disney ride anywhere, anywhen. The ride itself is pretty inventive and does a pretty good job at convincing you that you are flying. No easy task. The queue music is also really good.
    2. Screamin' - The longest roller coaster in the state. Over 1 mile of track. Innovative use of linear motors rather than chains or cables. The ride keeps its speed up throughout where some coasters slow down. Some great airtime over the first hill as you crest it at nearly 50mph.
    3. Grizzly - The largest drop on a raft style ride. The ride is beautifully themed and in, arguably, the best themed area of the park.
    4. Tower of Terror - Yeah, there are the endless WDW vs DCA arguments, but the ride is still amazing. Pulse pounding till the end. You can feel the sheer power behind this ride and the effects are pretty awesome as well.
    5. Aladdin Show - It's very well produced, well acted and has some of the best music from Disney's 2nd Golden Age. Need I go on?
    6. Animation Building - As has been said, the lobby in this building is incredible. They music and all the videos playing large, angular screens all around you makes for a very immersive environment. It's like the shots of the orchestra and announcers in Fantasia 2000. Wander around the various exhibits. There are some pretty cool places in there. Aggrabah, Ursula's Grotto, the Beast's Library.
    7. Electrical Parade - Can't see it anywhere else at the resort. Of course it's not running right now, but it still goes on this list.
    8. Food - There are some really tasty places to eat there. Wine Country Trattoria is one of our favorites. Plus for those that enjoy it, some pretty excellent wine from what I hear.
    9. Blue Sky Cellar - It's kinda small, but it is a very intimate environment and the displays are gorgeous. The art and models are amazing to see and it's fun to get a peak at the early stages of the projects. The little notes on the wall from Imagineer to Imagineer about the projects are a wondeful little touch.
    10. Less Crowded - Take advantage of this one before they finish upgrading the park with things that will actually draw crowds. It can be a welcome break from sidewalks packed with people.

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. You'll learn more about Disney construction than anywhere else, ever.

    2. You will appreciate Disneyland more

    3. You can finally say you've been and then have reasons to post complaints about it.

    4. Rides are more adventurous so it will feel like Magic Mountain

    5. It's still Disney

    6. New foods to try

    7. It's fun in some parts

    8. You're 50 foot steps away!

    9. You've never seen it before

    10. Disneyland will feel more like a resort now.
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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    Yeah, what they've all said.
    Just countin' the days til the next visit!

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    Cool Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    In no particular order

    1. Tower of Terror
    2. Soarin over California
    3. GRR
    4. California Screamin'
    5. Aladin Musical
    5. Midway Mania
    6. Electrical Parade
    7. ITTBAB
    8. Monsters Inc.
    9. Muppetvision
    10. Animation

    It used to be impossible for me to list 10, and I expect changes to this list in the next 2-3 years.

    A bientot.
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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. To witness the transformation from the DCA people love to hate, to what it is becoming. You'll appreciate the DCA of 2012 all the more if you see what it's like now.

    2. Tower of Terror. One of the best Disney attractions ever.

    3. Aladdin. Great show, practically worth the price of admission alone.

    4. California Screamin. One of my favorite coasters anywhere.

    5. Toy Story Midway Mania. Excellent ride.

    6. Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. So bad, it's good. Plus, the theming of A Bugs Land is worth taking in.

    7. Muppet Vision 3D. The final project of the late, great, Jim Henson, and well worth a visit.

    8. Monsters Inc. A cute little dark ride, on par with many of the classic Fantasyland attractions.

    9. A Different Vibe. The problems with DCA are well-known, but it's still a nice park with a certain feel that is different than Disneyland. Is it the lack of crowds, the theming (or lack thereof), the music? Who knows, but it's worth experiencing, warts and all.

    10. Free Tortilla.
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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    Tower of Terror, Grizzly River Run and California Screamin' are my top 3.
    But seriously A bug's land deserves to be in AK!

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1) Booze*
    2) Booze*
    3) Booze*
    4) Booze*
    5) Booze*
    6) Booze*
    7) Booze*
    8) Booze*
    9) Booze*
    10) Booze*

    * Mst be 21 Years Or Older,

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    Re: Give me your top 10 reasons why I should visit DCA.

    1. Soarin'

    2. Soarin'

    3. Soarin'- I would pay the admission price just for this ride alone, so in my book it deserved 3 spots. The first time I visited DCA I almost didn't go on this ride, as I didn't know anything about it and thought it wouldn't be worth the wait. At the last minute we thought, "why not?". It was amazing and almost redeemed the park from my overall disappointment...almost.

    4. Disney Animation Building- Some amazing visuals and interactive technologies. A must see if you go to DCA.

    5. Grizzly Peak Recreation Area- I think it's beautifully themed and has such a peaceful atmophere. I love walking through that area...I wish they would extend the Redwood forest feel through the Condor Flats area.

    6. Tower of Terror- Great ride and well themed...So much fun!

    7. Toy Story Midway Mania- Same reason as #6

    8. King Triton's Carousel- I have young kids and they both love carousels. Both DLR carousels are beautiful and have amazing detail. The whimsy of the sea theming makes this one particulary wonderful. Seriously, if it's a slow day we will ride this 4 or 5 times in a row.

    9. Redwood Creek Challenge Trail- Again, having young kids really affects my choices here. It's great that there is a place for them to run around and explore, stretch their legs if they've been in a stroller too long. And I actually enjoy spending time in this area because there's so much detail to see.

    10. Grizzly River Run- As long as it's not a really cold day this ride is a lot fun, particularly because it's done in true Disney fashion w/ amazing detail and theming.

    Over all, my opinon of DCA is this...Parts of it are really well done and worth seeing. It's just not a place that can fill an entire day of interest for me. After a few hours, I'm ready to head back to good 'ol Disneyland. If you can do more than one day at the resort, the Park Hopper tickets definitely make a trip to the other side worth it.

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