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    Anyone go through any of the College Programs? Want to get advice!

    Anyone who wernt through the College Program, or currently working as a CM, can you share any valuable experiences with me? im thinking of trying my hand at working up through this, but im not quite love to hear from you!!



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    Re: Anyone go through any of the College Programs? Want to get advice!

    I know personal experience is better but...

    I have a friend who did it and enjoyed himself. Ended up working the entire summer in a store at DCA.

    Another friend who just started it at WDW.

    And another friend who is a CM at Disneyland and says the whole thing is "pointless and a waste of time".
    (But he's kind of like that haha)

    My career choice right now is being an Imagineer (my major right now is Mechanical Engineering) and I was looking into it, but it didn't seem to be too particularly useful for WDI.

    It really depends on why you want to do it: for fun, or to work towards a career?
    If a career, where in Disney do you want to work?

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    Re: Anyone go through any of the College Programs? Want to get advice!

    I've been through the DLR Program... January - Sept 2008. It was an awesome experience, but I wish they had more opportunities.

    i have a friend who is in it now and isnt enrolled in a university, so he is able to go on all of the events that they hold, which is FAR more than we had... They have done a lot of attraction walk-thrus and held other parties around the resort.

    It's a good time, I think

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