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    Talking Halloween Screams (Last 2 nights)

    Did my best to get some good shots before it left for the year... your MC Jack

    ..and his pal Zero

    Grim Grinning Ghosts...

    This is Halloween...

    Poor unforunate soul...

    Cruella De Vil...

    Never Smile At A Crocodile...

    Capt. Hook...

    Trust In Me...

    Halfalump and Wuzzel (sp)...

    Pink Elephants...

    Jack egging on everyone...

    Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Oogie Bogey.... AHHHHHHHHHH... still scares me.

    Maleficient/ Hunchback....

    Jack and Zero telling everyone to join along...


    "Everbody Scream....AHHHHHHHH"

    "....Everbody Scream....AHHHHHHHH"

    "Everbody Scream....AHHHHHHHH"

    "Happy Happy Halloween!"

    I think everyone should add there best photos of it!
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    Re: Halloween Screams (Last 2 nights)

    Great pics! We'll see you back next year, Halloween Screams!

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Halloween Screams (Last 2 nights)

    Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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    Re: Halloween Screams (Last 2 nights)

    So you're the person that used flash on your camera for fireworks...

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    Re: Halloween Screams (Last 2 nights)

    This was my absolute FAVORITE firework display EVER!

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    Re: Halloween Screams (Last 2 nights)

    Great shots! This was an excellent Halloween show this year.
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    Re: Halloween Screams (Last 2 nights)

    Quote Originally Posted by Abominable Snowman View Post
    So you're the person that used flash on your camera for fireworks...

    Haha yah I thought that too. What it does is illuminate the people in front of you in glorious unwanted detail.

    I only got to see this once so I wish I had a chance to take photos of it but I was able to snag a few. Not my best work...

    that's all i got.

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