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    Disneyland fireworks

    Hello - can someone tell me if the fireworks, electrical parade and fantasmic on every night in the summer season and is the summer season all of June, July and August?

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    Re: Disneyland fireworks

    yes it is always on in the summer, and your are right about the summer season

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    Re: Disneyland fireworks

    Nobody knows for sure about "Disney's Electrical" Parade.

    Summer WILL have Fireworks and Fantasmic! at Disneyland. (Though there will be NO Fantasmic! until the summer due to the draing of the Rivers of America in 2010).

    And the new World of Color show will be featured at DCA. The question is will the DEP work with the WOC schedule and all the crowds. My guess, it won't.

    There are rumors of it coming back to Disneyland for the 55th, but there are major guest control issues, especially with the fireworks show.

    So I wouldn't guarantee the Electrical Parade for Summer 2010.

    Also, PEAK Summer is now mid-June through mid-August, and you won't find daily shows in early June and late August.
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    Re: Disneyland fireworks

    I think the only reason the fireworks would be canceled in the summer would be weather conditions. I remember one time when I was young the air was so still the smoke would not blow away, but slowly decended on all of us watching. Both spooky and smelly! There are white balloons on top of the Photo Shop on Main Street that are used each night to test the weather.

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