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    How About a Halloween DCA for 2006?

    So judging from the success that the Trick or Treating event is having this year, I think DCA should really do a FULL Halloween makeover for the month of October. I'm thinking something like Tokyo Disneyland's Halloween festivities. I know the suits don't want to pour money into DCA -- but I really do think this would be a good draw for DCA during this off-peak time. The biggest thing they could do would be a Halloween Parade. I don't think it needs to be anything spectacular -- but it would be something totally different and totally new for the Disneyland Resort.

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    Re: How About a Halloween DCA for 2006?

    I agree! I think the popularity of the Halloween Treat tickets goes to show how interested folks here are in special events. Glad I bought my ticket early!

    I went to both Not So Scary Halloween Party and the Very Merry Christmas Party when I was on my WDW College Program. Both events were absolutely great, and I would LOVE to see Disneyland do something similar here - special parades, shows, etc.

    I think the big indicator here is going to be crowd reaction after the Halloween Parties. Tickets sold fast, to be sure, but if they get a bad rep after this one, I think they'll have trouble convincing the powers-that-be to do something bigger in years to come.
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    Re: How About a Halloween DCA for 2006?

    You might just be getting your wish.

    This small halloween event was a trial run to see if people might be interested in something like this at anaheim. The idea right now is to do a similiar event next year with some changes depending on what feedback the resort receives from this one. If all goes well when Halloween 2007 rolls around DCA will have a full blown halloween event. This will become that parks holiday tradition. Notice how the new decorations now being placed around the park have a mixture of halloween/autumn and Christmas mixed in. In 2007 resort would be able to start promoting halloween around mid septmeber and continue the holliday events with the Christmas season at Disneyland and both parks ending the bash with New Years.

    DCA this year will be the first year that the park will have much better and whimsical decorations starting with a Christmas re-do of bugsland since the last president decided to stop giving the park a tree.

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    Re: How About a Halloween DCA for 2006?

    WOW cant wait for 2007 sounds fun!

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