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Thread: New Park Ideas

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    New Park Ideas

    Hey guys I was just wondering if Disney ever decided to make a new park what would it be......... But if you had a choice what would you make the park be. What theme would you use for it. (DCA's theme California DAK's theme is animals) What rides will it have. Will it have cloned attractions.
    Tell me I would like to know.

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    Re: New Park Ideas

    Whatever they build, I'm sure it will be Marvelous.

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    Re: New Park Ideas

    Legends, Myths, and Stories

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    Re: New Park Ideas

    Maybe a theme park that emphasizes the history of the company? Kind of like a 1930's themed area with cartoons liked steamboat willie, and a 90's land with lion king, toy story etc. Just like a tribute to the first 80ish years of Disney.

    I only chose this because it seems like anything NEW that Disney does, well isn't all that good (Profits are more prioritized).

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    Re: New Park Ideas


    But with better fail-safes on the AA's.

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