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    Looks like i'll be waiting at noon at central plaza for the fireworks on May 5th

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    I cried when I heard Steve Davison's portrayal of Remember... ! No Seriously I sat there and was mesmorized by his acount of the Fireworks show. If that creative team at Disney (with their exceptionaly talented consultants i.e. Steve) is able to pull off the fireworks as described at Cast Blast, then I, for one, am going to seriously freak out.

    Hi Mamabot. I would like to let you know that there are going to be great surprises in the fireworks show. There have been secrets kept about the fireworks that are going to surprise just about everyone. This is no small secret I think they have huge surprises in store for the guests.

    I hope Steve's description is halfway close to what happens in the sky above Disneyland during the 2005 hot summer nights in California because I think that show described, evoked deep emotional reactions to an Incredible degree.

    The pyro show is going to be spectacularly amazingly stupendously serendipitously SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICA-LLY-EXPALIDOCIOUs

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    After seeing the videos of Steve Davidson's presentations for Parade of Dreams and Remember, I can say without a doubt that this is a E-Ticket fireworks presentationa dn this parade will be and e-ticket parade. I never saw Pardi Gras, Lion King, America on Parade, etc. I am too young and started out visiting WDW. This is going to be the biggest Disney parade I've ever seen and probably the best Fireworks show I've ever seen. To call Remeber a "firworks" show is like calling Illuminations at EPCOT a fireworks show. They are both so much more and sounds like they will rely heavily on light/sound/prjections/etc......and some fireworks to create the entire expereince. I'm certain that these two presentations will be a real treat for a DL day guest or long time fan.

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