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    Smile Flip-Flop Attractions, Shops, and/or Restaurants

    There are attractions, shops, and restaurants that reside within Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney that I believe could be better used elsewhere in The Disneyland Resort. This thread is meant to have us discuss which attractions, shops, and/or restaurants we would flip-flop from their current locations to another part of The Disneyland Resort. (Ie. from Disneyland to Downtown Disney, etc.)

    Here is what I would do:

    Starcade - Flip it to Downtown Disney. This would allow some extra free space to become available in Tomorrowland in Disneyland, while at the same time putting in an attraction into Downtown Disney that would fit better. Plus, it may even get more visitors since some people may visit it that didn't pay the money already to get into the park.

    Gadget's Go-Coaster - Flip it to California Adventure, namely Paradise Pier. Do a slight alteration of the theme to that of surfing. The "parts" that Gadget would have used to make the coaster could be actual surf boards, goggles, snorkels, air tanks, submarine parts, etc. Plus, it could be a fun alternative for the young-ones who don't measure up to the height requirements of California Screamin'.

    Monsters Inc.: Mike & Sully To The Rescue - Flip it to Disneyland, namely Fantasyland. Fantastical monsters with fantasy-like features would fit in much better in Fantasyland instead of an area of a theme park that is meant to be dedicated to Hollywood and the film industry.

    I'll post more at a later time.

    Chat it up!

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    Re: Flip-Flop Attractions, Shops, and/or Restaurants

    Move Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters over to DCA. Tomorrowland needs a major rehab.

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    Re: Flip-Flop Attractions, Shops, and/or Restaurants

    I think the one everyone will agree on is moving Monster's Inc. to Disneyland.

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    Re: Flip-Flop Attractions, Shops, and/or Restaurants

    flip Monster's Inc from Disneyland to CA on paradise pier, give it a flashlight tag theme like an old fashion spoof house. :P wasn't that clever? lol. are multiple flips allowed?

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    Re: Flip-Flop Attractions, Shops, and/or Restaurants

    Flip Pooh to Fantasyland on the current site of the PFF and upgrade it to Pooh's Hunny Hunt (Flip the PFF anyplace else in Fantasyland that won't displace an attraction). Flip BLAB out of the DLR entirely, and flip the Fab Five into TSMM as the new hosts. Then build a new Toy Story dark ride - one that actually makes you feel like you're in the world depicted in the movie - over by Pooh (who is a stuffed animal), and make it into a mini-"Toyland" (tying in to nearby Small World and its singing dolls). Possibly also flip Monster's Inc. somewhere in that vicinity and you can have it start in Boo's room, with your vehicle "following Sully" through the magic closet door into Monstropolis.

    Flip the Disney character dolls out of Small World itself and into animated displays in a newly refurbished Small World Toy Shop. That way, the ride can be restored to its former glory, but those who enjoy the dolls can still see them, and the dolls can still do what they were designed to do - make people want to buy toys $$$.
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