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Thread: Familiar CM?

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    Familiar CM?

    I've noticed that DL keeps using *****. in the entertainment of DLR. I've seen him as Aladdin, HSM3, C!ASP, and Tiana's Boat Show. He does all the singing.

    oh and he was on TV, the Tila Tequila Shot at Love MTV show.
    I'm just saying why do they keep on using the same guy? I thought they had more male leads. But he's pretty cool.
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    I guess he's the best male singer DLR has since I don't recognize the others.
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    Re: Familiar CM?

    You really shouldn't be posting a CM's name and Myspace....

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    Re: Familiar CM?

    Yeah, not a good idea.

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    Re: Familiar CM?

    Yeah this topic should be remove. No CM NAMES are aloaud.

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    Re: Familiar CM?

    Its all just promo, for *****, im sure hes not going to mind all the extra hits on his myspace/music
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    Re: Familiar CM?

    Please remember that it is the policy of this site to not post actual cast member names to protect their privacy. Disney does monitor these boards, and we don't want to get any CM's in trouble with their boss!


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