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Thread: Rocket Rods

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    Re: Rocket Rods

    I pretty much freakin loved the Rocket Rods, they should put the in DCA, could have a longer track, would be a good fit I think.
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    Re: Rocket Rods

    Well the track that goes throughout evey building of Tomorrowland and all over the autopia and sub voyage lagoon is an asset that Disneyland needs to put back into daily use.

    If the vehicles themelves didn't break down all the time, I'm sure they'd have shipped them off somewhere, even as a transportation device back to Mickey and Friends. (J/K.)

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    Re: Rocket Rods

    Look ........

    Pirates of the Caribbean has an hourly capacity of some 2400 an hour.

    Peoplemover had a 4,880 per hour capacity!!

    TWICE of Pirates!!!!!

    Imagine a day like today .. how a Peoplemover 2.0 would have helped the crowds at DL.

    I hope a Peoplemover 2.0 will be up and operational in the near future.

    If anything .... for Park Capacity reasons!

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