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Thread: Get away today

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    Get away today

    Its probably to late to ask this since I already did everything with "get away today", but has anyone done business with themm when it came to ticket purchasing?

    Of what I know and was told I have my reciept and I am to take it with my ID to the ticket booth window and then I get them???? Right?

    And since I will not be getting in until about 7 on Sunday night 12-20-2009 will the ticket booths still be open?

    Thanks Much

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    Re: Get away today

    The procedure sounds correct.

    And yes, the Ticket Booths (at least the one on the North West side nearest the Guest Services building) remains open until park closing, so you can pick them up.
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    Re: Get away today

    I've used them several times and been very satisfied. They will send you a voucher for each ticket, you just bring that to the ticket booth and they give you whatever ticket you paid for. Very easy to deal with. Hope that helps.

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