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    Disneyland 2010 Grad Nite Dates (also days World of Color will not be offered)

    For those doing some future planning, here are the dates for 2010...

    • Thursday, May 20th

    • Thursday, May 27th

    • Thursday, June 3rd

    • Thursday, June 10th

    • Wednesday, June 16th

    • Thursday, June 17th

    • Thursday, June 24th

    Note, Disneyland Park has to close no later than 9 PM, and California Adventure at 7 PM on the dates mentioned to allow set up and preparations of the events.

    This will do a few things, for those wanting to see World of Color, the new water show at DCA, you won't be able to see it any of the days listed, due to the special Blast Off events that are being offered on all Grad Nite this year. Heck, the first 2 dates have already been sold out at DCA. (And May 27th is already sold out for both the main Grad Nite and the Blast Off event).

    For the Disneyland dates in May, Disneyland closes at either 8 or 9 PM on weekdays, so no change there.

    But in June, Disneyland can stay open until 11 PM, so you will have an early closure on the days mentioned.

    The Magic Morning Early Entry offering will not be offered on Thursday, June 17th due to the one Wednesday Grad Nite.

    Normally offered to folks with specially marked ParkHoppers (and unofficially to Disney owned Hotel Guests) on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, due to logistics, will only be offered 3 times that week.

    Grad Nite is $59 for 2010, and the combo Blast Off/Grad Nite is $92.
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    Re: Disneyland 2010 Grad Nite Dates (also days World of Color will not be offered)

    ahh grad nite, i actually survived...
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