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    Re: January 4-8, 2010 Good idea?

    MANY Schools, including the largest school district in the area, LA Unified are on Vacation until January 11th.

    And the BCS Championship Game at the Rose Bowl on January 7th.

    The week of the 4th is going to be a lot busier than the weekdays of January 11th.
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    Re: January 4-8, 2010 Good idea?

    Quote Originally Posted by itsxxdomoxxkun View Post
    I'm looking up to all the room of hardly any lines, all the benches to sit on, and coffee refills. =] Anyone going to be there though?
    Unfortunately I won't be back in the park until the end of the month for the MiceChat 5th anniversary meet. But have a great time in the park.

    Quote Originally Posted by brand42 View Post
    The BCS championship bowl will be played on 1/7 in Pasadena so I imagine that quite a few of those who traveled from Alabama and Texas will flock to Disneyland/DCA.
    Maybe... but I'm not sure if that will change attendance that much.

    That and some of the schools not going back until later might make it a little busy, but just get there real early and you will probably have most of the park to yourself, at least until later in the day.

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