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    Re: In keeping with Walts vision for the park

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorcerer's Apprentice View Post
    When a true artist paints a wonderful painting, they are not doing so with the intent of selling it to make a fortune. They do it because it's their passion, desire, and gift, and of course they realize they are actually painting to survive. Then when (if) the painting is a huge success, they of course reap the benefits.
    Of course, Walt was only half the brains behind Disneyland...

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    Re: In keeping with Walts vision for the park

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Weaver View Post
    When Walt was designing and building Disneyland, the naysayers were predicting that his little park would be out of business within a year. Now here it is 55 years later and 500 million visitors later, over 200 attractions during the history and about 21,000 employees now. So obviously Walt had a great deal of faith in his own vision. I can't say for sure but I think he envisioned it as a self-supporting business, not dependent on the studio and not as just a marketing technique for the studio. Some of the later executives have seen it that way though. I think Walt saw it as a self-supporting entity. He had trouble convincing the money men though, so he had to sell a stake in Disneyland to the ABC network, so for a while ABC was partial owner of Disneyland. Ironically now, though the Walt Disney Company owns the ABC network. How did that happen?
    Don't forget he also borrowed some of his life insurance, as well as put his company in debt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve DeGaetano View Post
    The phrasing "just with the idea of making money" suggests that making money was, in fact, one of Walt's reasons for building the Park.
    Obviously that is the motivation for ANY theme park, but that's just redundant. But (and I'm going to sound VERY weird here) was that he also made it to counter those dirty amusement parks of the time.



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    Re: In keeping with Walts vision for the park

    I think Walt's vision for the park was to create a business entity that could provide first class amusement for entire families to enjoy. People didn't believe in the way he wanted to provide said amusement (no roller coasters, lush scenery, etc.), but I'm pretty sure he knew people would pay good money to see it.

    My point is, Walt never built Disneyland out of a philanthropic desire - he just wanted to offer the best entertainment he could as a means of doing buisness. Just like the way he did with Snow White.

    And I see nothing wrong with that.

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    Re: In keeping with Walts vision for the park

    I always see Disneyland as one of Walt's "children". Any parent wants their child to be successful and financially secure. They also want them to be happy with their lives and their decisions, to not gain their success at the expense of others and to remain true to themselves.

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    Re: In keeping with Walts vision for the park

    i think Walt would reluctantly roll with the new Disney business model to a point, would not be as out of hand as it is now, it would be more controlled with more care taken towards bettering the park and its image then.rubber stamping a Disney star in every turn...

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