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    How did the Birthday Fastpasses work?

    I understand that both the birthday fastpasses and the GAD fastpasses are very similar.

    So, from last year's promotion, how many fastpasses could you get? Also, for what attractions?

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    Re: How did the Birthday Fastpasses work?

    i'm actually not sure if anyone here got a birthday fastpass, i think most of us that went on our birthday ended up using the gift card
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    Re: How did the Birthday Fastpasses work?

    The FP attractions were divided into two groups and you would get three FPs for each set - six total for each member of your party who was present with a valid ticket at the time of birthday redemption. There was no designated time, so you could use them whenever you felt like it that day. When it would print out, it also printed the list of attractions on each of them, so you could pick the attractions at your own discretion (for example, you could use all 3 for Tower of Terror, if you wanted).

    Does that make sense?

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