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    New TR slideshow video for Disneyland Trip 1/16/2010

    Was going to post this on my new TR, but the pics are unviewable at the moment.

    If you saw already, I made a TR Slideshow video that was really a test to see how people thought of the new concept I was thinking about. Well, I had to take that video down because I made a newer video about the same trip.

    Notable changes in this video are:

    1. Removal of Lincoln AA pics
    2. New song in place of Fan! exit Music
    3. Reorganizing some pics.
    4. Adding the Pixie hollow Light Show I recorded last summer in order to finish the video.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Disneyland Resort Trip 1/16/10[/ame]

    The next TR will be posted as soon as my Bandawith for Photobucket clears up so the next one might be a double header if I go before it clears up and might result in two videos.

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    Re: New TR slideshow video for Disneyland Trip 1/16/2010

    Great the slideshow format!
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