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    Re: Please oh Please Bring back the Cascade falls!

    Quote Originally Posted by Datameister View Post
    Can't say I've ever asked an Imagineer about the Rainbow Caverns specifically, but I'm sure there are many who'd love to see them return in some form, but understand that it's just not going to happen unless Disney sees a way to do it...lucratively.
    As a stand-alone attraction ... I see your point. But as part of a ride they are commissioned to build ... they could fit in somewhere. And it would be a matter of having enough in the budget to create it.

    For instance .... If they build a ride on the other side of the berm/DLRR .. that means a TUNNEL. They have to theme that tunnel somehow. They have to budget for that THEMED tunnel .... This is where they could "sneak" it in. Or ... whatever ride they create .... say the ride has 6 scenes to it. 1 of those 6 scenes could be "rainbow caverns" as part of it.

    I think the main problem .. is ... Who within Disney would be dedicated enough to spear head such an idea?

    And I sincerely hope those "dedicated imagineers" out there who read these boards take note.

    You take everything everyone has stated in this entire topic .. and you can't deny ..... there's value to the best elements of Natures Wonderland Mine Trains that COULD be integrated into Frontierland's future.

    Even today's generations who look for state of the art "WIZZ" "BANG" "IN YOUR FACE" thrills .. can still appreciate the art and beauty of glowing water falls with every color of the rainbow!

    Geyser Mountain 2.0 (featuring "Claude Coats Caverns") ..?
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    Re: Please oh Please Bring back the Cascade falls!

    They need to have creative types in positions of real power, instead of MBAs.

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    Re: Please oh Please Bring back the Cascade falls!


    This was such a great thread, I hate to see it get locked.

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    Re: Please oh Please Bring back the Cascade falls!

    How I wish they could bring back these falls as well, somewhere in pirates lair???
    without Love in a dream, it will never come true...

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