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I wouldn't mind the Monorail stopping inside DCA before heading to Downtown Disney. Of course, they would have to make it the same admission as for Disneyland....which I wouldn't mind either!
So far in the poll, the monorail is in the lead, with a PeopleMover type sustem in second, followed in third by a moving walkway.

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I chose PeopleMover.
Wouldn't it be great to have a PeopleMover type ride becoming a trek thru tomorrowland again... plus have a second PM course that would take you from Tomorrowland on into DCA?!

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A Mary Poppins umbrella inspired version of the skyway.
A skyway vehicle themed to Mary Poppins (including an umbrella top) is an inspired idea that would lead to a practically perfect perfect day. You Enunciated that quite ell (love your MC name!).