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Thread: Dig-"E" Ticket

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    Re: Dig-"E" Ticket

    I am so glad I had got responses to this idea.
    Yes I really did over price the price for just entering but you know, I dont know how they would price a ticket to just shop, I guess around 15 or 20 seems about right,
    As for the amount of tickets, I did purpously put down more than I should have but I will explain.
    I figured with the new ticket system where guests must pay for rides one at a time instead of pre paid then we can eliminate fast pass. Now lines are determend by what is WORTH the price of admission to ride.
    because of this the 10 rides a day demographic is now Null. Instead I am sure that more rides can be rode in a day than before.
    As for Paper tickets yes there are some but these are for people who dont want to get the Dig-"E" ticket.
    as for how you pronounce the Dig-"E" ticket it is like this.
    think Digimon eliminate the mon now you have the word Digi wich is short for digital
    Change the spelling to Dige and Emphasise the "E" as in "E" ticket and you have Dig-"E" ticket!

    Ok now for those of you who are woried about large groups. I am thinking that a FAMILY pass would be a good idea I.E. a pass that is good for the entire group so you only have to scan one card instead of all cards. How it would work is that you go to a Dig-"E" ticket Kiosk and load up the group that wants to go on ____ together so you put the 3 or more cards into the machine and select one as the master card and select what rides you are all going to ride together at the same time. Now when you scan the master card the 3 or more of you can all go ride together without the hassle of scaning one card at a time.
    Now I am thinking about the transportation rides.
    I am thinking that with rides like the Main street vehicles the monorail and train and any other Transport ride no ticket is required.
    so in the long run A tickets would be out of the picture.
    B tickets would be rides that are basic kind of atractions like the King Arther Carousell and teacups and so on and so forth.
    C tickets are the Fantasyland Dark Ride kind of stuff.
    D tickets are for the in between of C and E (duh) Rides like TSMM and FNSV comes to mind.
    E is the tip of the top the best of the best the crem de la Crem.
    So there you have it everything I can think up as far as the ways to improve the old Ticket system and make it work today. If they do this I think I would be more inclined to go more often than I do now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sediment View Post
    Scary: your post is dripping something. Tastes like sarcasm.
    Quote Originally Posted by Karalora View Post
    This is excellent news! There are all sorts of good changes to the park that we were promised when Hell froze over.
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    Re: Dig-"E" Ticket

    In the days of ticket books, I remember the "Big 10" and the "Jumbo 15" ticket books, so it was feasable to do 15 attractions in one day back then. I think there was an 11-ticket book as well for a time. The Child and Junior ticket books also included a ticket to Mr. Lincoln, so that was one more attraction. So apparently now they estimate you're only going to get onto 10 attractions in one visit. With a $72 daily ticket that's $7.20 per attraction, or even if you count some of that money as for the park itself, maybe $5 per attraction you're actually paying.

    One thing that would be nice to offer with individual attraction tickets, or the card system you proposed, would be a guaranteed entry time for an attraction. Part of what you get when you buy the attraction ticket or card would be to choose a time of entry from any of the available entry times in 5-minute increments. That would mean no more standing in long lines. No more standing for 90 minutes to get on the submarines or 2 hours to get on Indiana Jones. Your purchase of the ride ticket would include a reservation time. You do whatever you want, then at 1:15, you enter the attraction and board it.

    If they implemented that, then it would make the idea of having to buy attraction tickets a lot more appealing. If an attraction broke down, of course, you would only lose your reservation time, not the value of your ticket for that attraction, that could be used again later or on another day, with a new reservation time. I would think the park would be in favor of this, since it would free guests from the drudgery of standing in line, slowly shuffling forward for long periods - and freeing them to do other things like buy food, buy souvenirs, etc.

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    Re: Dig-"E" Ticket

    Meh. If it doesn't cost to much to get in, and the attraction tickets last forever, then standing in line won't be a deal-breaker. It also means that imagineering will have to make the queue areas a little more interesting, too. So, I'm all for that.
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