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    ORWEN: Well, regardless of how much screen time she had, according to the Guest Relations and Chip Hotline at Walt Disney World, Aurora is one of the top 10 most requested characters to be seen and photographed with. (Daisy Duck and Tinkerbell were two others in the top 10.) So, that would justify having Aurora out and about more--especially when you consider that a character--such as Gideon the Cat--has been prominent so much and he isn't even a MAIN character at all!! Yet, all these years he's been exposed to guests more than other more deserving characters.

    ORDDU: Well, the real point is that Cinderella has certainly received her due. Now it's time for other characters to get THEIRS--like me, for instance. I mean, when was the last time you got to see one of your witches from Morva out for meetings and Greetings, let alone our own STAGE show?!

    ORGOCH: On a sorry day in July 1985--before we all got sacked!!

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    As to Aurora - - I seriously agree that she deserves even more prominence - - and they should turn the castle walk-thru into a meet & greet for she and Phillip - - the bedroom or the throne room at the top of the stairs would be awesome!

    But that shouldn't stop Cindy from having her own coach/place out back - - it keeps her away from Aurora's castle... and looks more like she's visiting than horning-in on Aurora's house.

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