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    Lightbulb Re: Frontierland Steak Restaurant Idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Coheteboy View Post
    They don't need to go all the way to Steakhouse 55 when they have a kitchen that serves perfectly well cooked steaks for Club 33.
    I wasn't thinking of making the steaks at Steakhouse 55 and bringing them to the new Frontierland Steakhouse. But rather have all the kitchen and prep areas in the back just prepared like Steakhouse 55. I haven't had a chance to go to Club 33 so I don't know what the food is like.

    The New Frontierland steakhouse code named "FLSH" could be part on land and part over water. The water is on the other side of the bridge on the Big Thunder Trail. The one with all the fish, frogs and turtles.

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    Re: Frontierland Steak Restaurant Idea

    If my memory serves, The Disneyland Paris version of Frontierland has a beautifully themed steak house right next door to the Haunted Mansion. Also, it was a nice steak as I recall...

    In fact, their version of Frontierland is superior to Disneyland's in many ways. Not only, of course, is it newer, but it also exploits the foreign interest in America's west. There is a constant soundtrack of western films playing and the area is huge! Big and beautiful with the best Big Thunder Railroad around in my opinion.

    Yes, a steak house would work in Frontierland!
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    Re: Frontierland Steak Restaurant Idea

    Quote Originally Posted by The Forbidden Eye View Post
    I was thinking about the current dining options in Frontierland and latley, theres a reason why most options been lacking in value. For one, the Riverbelle Terraces sandwiches are too expensive IMO, the BBQ option is too expensive too and it's portions are designed for more than 2 people. The Golden Horeshoe, Stage Door and Rancho are the only good ones worth the money IMO.

    So I was thinking of a Steakhouse Idea that would serve steak in the park as well as prime rib and all that.

    The only problem though is to where to put it. Although the idea does have potential to replace the struggling BBQ Restaurant at BTR, I would rather have it at another spot in Frontierland.

    Would this work?
    Stage Door doesn't even sell anything western, but they do have pretty good mozerella sticks. The fries aren't really that good if you want my opinion.

    I do agree the Riverbell Terrace isn't that great, and there needs to be a better option. The food at Big Thunder Ranch was great, they had pretty good ribs, but other than that, I could see a Steakhouse going to Frontierland. But I would be worried about the quality though- I don't want it going into Rancho Del Zocalo territory (where most of the menu isn't that great).

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    Re: Frontierland Steak Restaurant Idea

    I don't be a source of negativety, but I'll say no. In my opinion, BBQ fits way better to the theme, so if they would fix BTBBQ it would be great. Then, second in western style food is Mexican, and Zocalo isn't all that great; fixing it would be great. And lastly, my third favorite Western food is chili. Disneyland needs chili!!! Then you may add the steak to the mix, but only after you fix the two and add the one.

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    Re: Frontierland Steak Restaurant Idea

    I found the trailer for The Harvey Girls on YouTube, so you can see how it would be perfect for a Frontierland Steakhouse:

    [ame=""]MGM's The Harvey Girls with Judy Garland[/ame]

    I'm thoroughly amused by the fact that in 1946, you could call a musical "Gay and Lusty" and no one seemed to raise an eyebrow!!

    How times have changed!

    Speaking of how times have changed: that no-good slutty saloon girl grows up to be....Mrs. Potts?!
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    Re: Frontierland Steak Restaurant Idea

    Come on guys. This is Disneyland. They did serve a steak at the Plaza Inn for awhile. And it wasn't very good. If you want to get an idea what it was like, take a look at this!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Charlie Chaplin eating his shoe - The Gold Rush (High Quality)[/ame]

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