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    Sad Rain. Closing early??

    Can I assume the park will close early due to rain?
    Is anyone there? Have they said what time?

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    Re: Rain. Closing early??

    I can't speak for today as I am not there. However, on Feb 9th, we were there in the monsoon and the Park did not close early that day. There were very few people in the Park. It was quite lovely, actually. When we went into Fantasyland about an hour and a half before it closed and there were literally no lines. Peter Pan had 3 people in line. I have never seen that in the 48 years I have been going to the Park! Dumbo had no line and over an inch of water sitting in the bottom of the elephant. Same with Small World. No line and water in the bottom of the boat.

    Hope you have ponchos and umbrellas! We brought ours from home and were so glad to have them. The next day was beautiful!

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    Re: Rain. Closing early??

    Usually if it's one day of rain they wont close early. It's when you get these huge storms for a whole week they start to consider it.

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    Re: Rain. Closing early??

    It seems like they usually announce it by now if they plan on closing early so I think it's fairly safe that they are staying open tonight....

    I hope, cause I am leaving right now to go there

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