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    How much was spent on EO's return and do you think it will stay?

    As a general rule Disney doesn't invest a substantial amount of money unless they know they can reap substantial profits from it. The boards are full of amazing ideas, many that likely will never see the light of day because they lack the franchises Disney seeks. Until Michael's death EO was something usually tossed out as a joke. For better or worse Disney would not go near that property... until after Michael's untimely passing. Suddenly the EO camp had a large public backing, things were placed in high gear, and eventually it returned. What I am curious about is how much do you think it cost to do this? How much to reprogram the theater, new signage, retraining the CM's, replacing the effects, cleaning up the film (if they did not sure on that), development of new merchandise and re-manufacturing of old merchandise... costs to negotiate the re-release. Once you come up with your own personal number, ask yourself, how long do you think Disney will keep it. How long until the public looses interest and Disney is forced to move on. I'm also curious how much of a long term impact this decision will have on the replacement show if and when a decision is made on one. I love that EO is back, I simply question what comes next. Modern Disney has generally made decisions like this based on an assessment of what they stand to make back and how quickly they can recoup said losses. This time I believe the timing was off, and I question the survivability of the product and what effect it may have had on what replaces it.
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    Re: How much was spent on EO's return and do you think it will stay?

    I think the main things Disney spent money on was for the new pretty EO sign, and the conversion to 70mm. So my guess is that the total budget was merely in the hundreds of thousands IF that.

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