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    Size of attraction posters?

    Does anyone know the measurements of the attration posters in the entrance tunnel? I missed my chance a few years ago to pick up a full-size copy of a few of them. I really hope they offer those in full-sizes again, not the small sizes. Thanks for the info!


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    Re: Size of attraction posters?

    I want to say they are 24 X 36

    the smaller ones are 11 X 14

    they sometimes have these available on
    the disney auctions site also...
    you could verify size there as well!

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    Re: Size of attraction posters?

    or just take a ruler to the park and see how big they are. You can just put the ruler down the leg of your pants to sneek it past security
    I will save the princess, though I do not know the way.

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    Re: Size of attraction posters?

    Most of the older original full size attraction posters are 36 x 54. Some (DL Railroad, Jungle Cruise, etc.) are a little smaller and have mats around them to fit in the full size frames.

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