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    Rules for 6 Day Park Hopper Ticket


    Can anybody help me with the following question?

    Myself, wife and 3 kids are visiting Anaheim for a third time in a few weeks. Due to the fact that the 3 children see Disneyland as the highlight of their visit, we have "invested" in 6 day hopper tickets this time as opposed to 3 day tickets we bought in the past. However, the rules as explained on the website leave me somewhat confused - I freely acknowledge this could be down to me rather than the website!

    According to the website, such tickets expire 13 days after first use. My question is, are they still active on the 13th day or not? In other words, if we use the tickets for the first time on 31st March - is the last day of possible use before expiration 12th April or 13th April. My instincts tell me that the last day of use is 12th April.

    Hope somebody can help - if anyone is interested, I can post a trip report comparing Disneyland Hong Kong with Anaheim as I have visited both in the past 12 months?

    Great forum by the way!!!

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    Re: Rules for 6 Day Park Hopper Ticket

    Yep! They're 14 days total, or 13 days after. You're more than welcome to use them on day 13.
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