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    Cool Never before seen vintage Disneyland footage!

    The story of this footage is an interesting one. It all started back when the Soviet Union invaded Hungary. My fathers side of the family is Hungarian and as the Red Army invaded they were split as to what to do. My grandparents decided that attempting escape and risking death was better than living under Soviet Rule so they packed up my dad and aunt and made a run for the border. After a harrowing escape that involved mine fields, close calls with Soviet tanks and troops and eating horse meat to stay alive, they managed to escape to Austria. From there they eventually made their way to the USA.

    Over the years my dads family kept in touch with those back home and would occasionally send them home movies showing them what life in the USA was like. Well my overseas relatives held onto to ALL of these movies and had them converted to VHS at some point.

    Back in the 90s they sent this tape to my grandparents who watched it once and put it in a box. They rediscovered it a few weeks ago and showed it to me while I was visiting them. The tape is great! It has all kinds of great footage from the 60s and 70s and buried deep inside was about 3 minutes of Disneyland!

    The video posted here is very poor quality as I have no way to properly capture VHS to my computer anymore (My old capture card is ISA!!) So I just put a digital camera in front of the TV. I plan on getting it properly captured soon but this will have to suffice in the meantime.

    If you're in the Bay Area and have this capability let me know!

    Well anyway enjoy!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Vintage Disneyland Footage[/ame]
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    Re: Never before seen vintage Disneyland footage!

    Wow. Nevermind the quality.....that was wicked!! Thanks for sharing

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    Re: Never before seen vintage Disneyland footage!

    What a story!
    Thanks for doing this!

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    Re: Never before seen vintage Disneyland footage!

    Nice! Any idea where the original film is? I'd bet there's bound to be more than just three minutes worth. When I went to WDW in 1978, I came back with about an hour and a half of sound home movies. I film most everywhere I went!

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    Re: Never before seen vintage Disneyland footage!

    This is great, even with the camera in front of the TV! I wish I could help you with capturing because I bet it would look amazing cleaned up a bit.

    I love home movies that have unique and special stories behind them. Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Never before seen vintage Disneyland footage!

    There are services where you can have old VHS tapes and home movies on film transferred to DVD or other digital formats; for example if you are a Costco member you can just take them to the Costco photo department and they can do it. Of course there is a charge for these services, but it's a good way to help preserve them and the cost of having it done seems trivial when compared to the value of the footage.

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