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    Is it worth going??? (march 2010)

    i am fighting doctors to let me travel and after all of that I find the places in the that I love the best will all be under tarps or behind fences.

    Can anyone tell me more details of what the following actually look like?

    1. The Rivers Of America.

    I love this place! Love to people watch and just watch the Mark Twain go by. Will all I see is a huge ugly concrete funnel?

    2. Hollywood Backlot

    WOW -- what a shock it was to see the street all destroyed. I am sure the new streetcars will be great, but right now, it looks horrible. Again, I would go to the animation building for hours. Are at least the sidewalks available? Can you get by to the Alladin show and The Tower? What about Monsters Inc?

    3. The reflecting pool where The Wonderful World of Colour will be.

    I guess we are there too early to appreciate it but is the whole area just a maze of fences?

    Thanks guys. Just getting Doctor's approal for this trip has been very hard, I would hate to think I won't even like it.
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    Re: Is it worth going??? (march 2010)


    1. Rivers of America: All you really see is a Big green fence(Frontierland side)/Brown Tarp (critter Country). Not the sad drained river bed.

    2. Hollywood Backlot: It's a big dark brown fence this time. It does make getting around that area a little hard but If you want to go to the animation side just stick to the right side of the fence. Otherwise go left for Monsters Inc. Since they opened the walk way between Tower of Terror and A Bug's Land it a little easier to get around.

    3. The World of Color platform is a little bit out of place but at least the water is back and depending on if you are staying at DLR hotel you may be able to watch the testing from your room.

    Good Luck,I hope the doctor ok's the trip!

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    Re: Is it worth going??? (march 2010)

    Don't sweat the small stuff!

    Just go and have a blast!

    There is plenty to do other than concentrating on the refurb work that is going on. Don't let the whiners scare you away!

    Make a little lemonaid out of the small amount of lemons...


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    Re: Is it worth going??? (march 2010)

    Like metchick said, you'll pretty much just see fences.
    I went on Friday and the only place that I really hated navigating the walls, was around Paradise park and Little Mermaid. But there's a simply solution to that, just take another route

    As far as the WoC platform itself, it's a toss-up of whether it will be completely out of the water, partially submerged, or completely submerged.
    When I went on Friday it was partially submerged so only the fountain nozzles were sticking out of the water and they were doing a good amount of testing, it was fun.

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