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    Re: How Do You "Stake" Your Fireworks Spot?

    Maybe we were just lucky, but the only time I've seen Remember from inside the park, we went to the hub and found a spot about 30 minutes before the show. We sat in the street between the hub and the castle. I went and got hot dogs at Coca Cola corner while Vic held our space. The only "iffy" moment was when I couldn't find her when I came back with the dogs. I finally did and we had a great spot to watch the show... no hassles.
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    Re: How Do You "Stake" Your Fireworks Spot?

    Quote Originally Posted by Twist_of_Fate
    I know that there are effects on the Castle and such, but has anyone TRIED watching the show from the Esplanade or DCA? If so, how is it?
    I did during Mickey's Halloween Treat. Definitely wasn't the same. it was sort of cool because it was really overcast so the sky all around you glowed in colors, but other than that it wasn't as nice. lotsa booms, no music. If anything I might try going to a hotel viewing deck because they pump the music into there.

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