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    The Emporium has the dioramas on the outside windows, and the animatronics in the interior second level. They are creepy, especially when you're toiling under them for hours on end.
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    So much of Disneyland is a hidden gem. Most of them are the feelings and memories hidden in every one of our hearts. But, if I had to pick my favorite "tangible" hidden gems I'd have to say the top ones on my list are:
    (in no particular order)

    Snow White's Grotto
    New Orleans Square
    Disneyland at Christmastime(can you say...sensory OVERLOAD!!!!)
    The spinning sun in IASW
    The telegraph message of Walt's opening day speech
    The silly doors and windows and drinking fountains and manhole covers in Toontown
    Sacul Egroeg in Star Tours
    Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln(makes me cry every time)
    The smell of the pastries and baked goods on Main Street
    The popcorn "slaves"
    The jumping fish
    The evil queen in the window(I know I'm saying ones that have been said before...but, I like them too!)

    There are too many to say here. A lifetime of memories exists in our hearts and minds. I can only say that the real hidden gem is the spirit of Walt Disney that we see, smell, hear, touch, and feel in every corner of Disneyland!

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    The best gem of all is sitting on the bench in front of City Hall, wishing you could live there!

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