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    AWESOME: Imagineer Interview

    with Tim Delaney (Epcot, DLP, DCA, and HKDL)... DCA conversation starts in Part 3 but the entire series is a great listen.

    The Season Pass: The Essential Theme Park Podcast

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    Re: AWESOME: Imagineer Interview

    Thanks for the link!
    I think it's really interisting to here from the man himself about designing Paradise Pier 1.0 and the Sunshine Plaza 1.0 (two not very loved lands here on MiceChat)
    It was really suprised to hear about the stuff they had in mind for the Sunshine Plaza, wich at that point already had a smal buget, and that they then got to hear that they just again cut the buget with 1 milion dollar.
    It was also nice to hear him about the early Paradise Pier concepts (the flumeride, maliBOOMer as palmtrees ect)

    Too bad they had such a smal buget for a seconed gate voor Anaheim (Westcot would look soooo bad if it was chosen to be build and would get the same buget)

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    Re: AWESOME: Imagineer Interview

    Thanks for sharing, very cool information there.

    He talks about the development of Paradise Pier and how he wanted to bring back classic seaside amusement parks, the kind of parks that no longer exist.

    They also get into the discussion of why DCA had no berm around the back - the imagineers were basically told to let the outside world in since it fit into the California theme. He goes on to say that that philosophy changed now with Cars Land and the huge mountains that will help cover up the outside world.

    Interesting note about Screamin.. he said he wanted it to look like a traditional wooden coaster, so there is 300% redundancy in the design work and supports. Very cool that they did this
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