I agree with most of what is said here, BUT I also think they should have AT LEAST 3, maybe 4 categories of recognition;

  1. Theme Park employees
  2. Illustration/Imagineering
  3. Media/Television
  4. OR Opening Day celebrities who were involved with the advertising of Disneyland prior to its opening.
And if someone like Ward Kimball were to be recognized, he would be recognized in all 3 categories, since he was an animator, he founded and performed at the Park with Firehouse 5+2, and lastly had his own television specials that not just focused on Disneyland(Tomorrowland co-host), but also on his train collection in San Gabriel.

I also feel that the Disneyland Window Dedication should be reserved for people who DIRECTLY contributed to the creation of Disneyland Park. Without them, there would be a different or no Park at all.

As Steve mentions, there are quite of few Imagineers and Park employees that have done so much for the Park, but are barely recognized or known for their works. Another one would be Chris Mueller. He was an Imagineer who worked on film and most of the early animal animaltronics. Some noteable contributions include most of the Jungle Cruise Animaltronics, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea Squid for the movie, and Dinosaur Diorama for the World's Fair, just to name a small few.

I don't feel it necessary to honor media/moviestars with a window dedication. I feel it is best left for the sacrecy for people that created the Park out of Imagination, Physical Labor, Illustration, even dialogue/script works/storyboard/song writers.

Most recent example, The Sherman Brothers. They not only contributed movie scores, but also scores from some of the attractions such as It's A Small World, Carousel of Progress, and ATIS, for examples . They defintely deserve a window in Disneyland.

Betty White, Frank Gifford, Bea Arthur, and the likes, can be recognized, but not honored with a window. That is my feelings on the matter.

I think Disney should honor people's contributions, but on different levels, according to what they have contributed and how.