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    Most valuable Disneyland product.

    I'm doing some research for a paper:

    What Disneyland or DCA item (costing less then $500 now) will be worth the most in 200 years from now, as if in a time capsule?

    What are your thoughts, approximately how expensive is the item now?
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    Re: Most valuable Disneyland product.

    I don't think you can realistically answer this question. Who knows what will happen in 200 years?

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    Re: Most valuable Disneyland product.

    Research paper, or hoping to cash in on some long term novelties? On that note, if your doing the research, why are you asking us? :P

    It is impossible to speculate as to specific items, but as you probably know for your paper, there are some specific things that raise value.

    For example, if its:
    -Made in limited numbers.
    -Made by legendary craftsmen.
    -For a special or one time event, the rarer the better. (Anniversary, opening, etc.).
    -Kept in priceless condition.
    -Signed by artist, legend

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    Re: Most valuable Disneyland product.

    How about one of Olszewski's numbered statues? Perhaps the Castle? (How big is the time capsule??)

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    Re: Most valuable Disneyland product.

    Quote Originally Posted by HiddenMickeyBook View Post
    How about one of Olszewski's numbered statues? Perhaps the Castle? (How big is the time capsule??)

    That's a possibility, but those statues are pretty durable and I would expect will be taken care of by their owners. I would expect something more fragile, more ephemeral, something one would expect to be thrown away to be even more valuable long-term. Possibly the first day issue of the Disneyland News newspaper which there are already so few of.
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    Re: Most valuable Disneyland product.

    The most valuable thing in Disneyland is the magic~!

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    Re: Most valuable Disneyland product.

    I have seen rarer pins on different sites and they cost like $100
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