Will a TRON Bikes Attraction come to Disneyland ? - with great TRON Legacy Wallpaper Pictures

TRON Legacy will be released next December and everybody awaits its release with excitement. Considering that we had to wait 28 years to have a sequel to the original picture the excitement is quite logical but on Disney fans forums the big question is: "When WDI will build a TRON attraction?" Even more: "Why not have a TRON bikes ride on Disneyland - or WDW Magic Kingdom - People Mover track?"

On a certain point of view the question makes sense: this kind of ride would need a long track and the People Mover have it. But as we will see, it's technically a bit more complicated. Before i go further please note that all TRON pictures in this article are "wallpaper" pictures - except this recently released picture below showing WDW monorails featuring TRON Legacy art. Click on them if you want to get them in big size for your desktop.

To comeback to a TRON bikes attraction what you don't know is that a "bike race" ride was envisioned by WDI Imagineers ten years ago, and although it didn't had a TRON theme it looked exactly like the TRON ride that fans can dream about... The ride was called "Rocket Bikes", was part of the Sci-Fi City project for a newly designed Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland - and probably the best Tomorrowland concept ever .

Designed by Imagineer Eddie Sotto this great Rocket Bikes ride had two "intergalactic" bikes with two people on each. Racers from all over the galaxy come to compete in the ultimate off-world race! The bikes were launched on a elevated platform front wheels off the ground for a race at high speed all around Sci Fi City, maneuvering through Cratertown, crashed space ships, Space Mountain and the "Cosmic Way" and in real competition with one another, all with onboard music themed to your ride. Think about a bike race where the People Mover is right now at WDW with two bikes side by side and you have a pretty good idea of how the Rocket Bikes ride would have been. Oh, and i've forgot to tell you that just like a real bike, your team leaning into the curves helped determine your place in the race. And also that the start of the race would have been "rocket launch" with flames coming out of the bikes booster engines!

So, will this great Rocket Bikes concept be adapt for a TRON Legacy attraction at DL or WDW? Jump to the full article to have the answer:

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