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    Paradise Pier opinions

    I just reread the thread on the DLH and wished there was a thread like that on the PP. We will be staying there in November in a concierge room and would like some similar information. I would really like to know how to get a nice room. Also, are there any perks besides autographed pictures that we can ask for. This is a once in a lifetime trip for us and would like to make it as nice as possible for our kids.

    Also, a couple of months ago I read a thread about the guest entrance to DCA in the GCH. I can't find the thread and was wondering if anyone could tell me where it is in the hotel, and where it opens to in DCA.

    Thanks to you all for helping to make this a great trip for my family!

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    Re: Paradise Pier opinions

    I can't give you north-south directions, but for the CGH -DCA entrance: head away from the registration desk into the courtyard, go past the restaurant, hang a right, and you'll see the entrance on your left. You will enter DCA just to the left of the Rapids as you face the park. Soaring will be just to your left a ways, and the Rapids will be to your right. (Sorry I can't help with Paradise Pier.)

    Also....even if you are not a CGH guest, you may re-enter the park after 12:00 noon through the CGH entrance. This is especially helpful after eating at ESPN or Rainforest, etc and you wish to return to DCA.

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    Re: Paradise Pier opinions

    oh ok, I thought you were askign about the pier its self LOL! I stayed at the paradise pier, loved it and would go there in a heart beat! To me it was to far to walk back and forth to but when I went thru the grand californian it was like so easy! you just walk acrosss the street from the paradise pier to the grand californian and it takes you thru the lobby to the park! you end up at the river ride. so easy and convient. The paradise pier is so nice. and the bed I stayed on was to die for! big, comfy and the bedding was awsome! it had nice touches evey where and you will like it!

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    Re: Paradise Pier opinions

    Victoria and I stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel a couple of years ago. It was nice but nothing special, frankly. The room was the same as any clean, comfortable, moderately-priced motel. I'm not complaining... but for the $165 or so we spent, we could have gotten pretty much the same room at a local "good-neighbor" motel for half as much. (Two of our light bulbs were burnt-out also... very non-Disney!) That said, however, it was fun to stay so close to the resort. We had a fabulous view of DCA. There used to be a special entrance to DCA for hotel guests near the GCH driveway, but that is no longer used. The GCH entrace to DCA is the most convenient now.
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    Re: Paradise Pier opinions

    We stayed at Paradise Pier last weekend and really enjoyed it. The staff was very friendly and our room was nice. They scored points right away by telling us at check in that our room had been upgraded from a standard view to a park view.

    This was the view from our 6th floor room:

    One of the nice things about Paradise Pier is that you get the amenities of an on-property hotel without the crowds. The Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian get a lot of day visitors passing through the lobby and grounds, which can make your visit a little more hectic. After a day fighting crowds at the parks, it's nice to have a more peaceful hotel to go back to. Also, we don't go over the top on meals and rarely do character breakfasts, so grabbing a quick breakfast (fruit, pastries, coffee) at the Surfside Lounge across from PP's lobby worked great for us. I nicknamed it "When You Wish Upon a Starbucks."

    It was very convenient getting to and from the parks. PP is a short stroll from the Grand Californian (end of the block, then across the street) which gives you easy access to DCA, Downtown Disney and DL. It's funny, back when PP was still the Emerald and DCA was still a parking lot, the Emerald seemed so far away from DL's main gate. I guess when there's something interesting to see on the way, it makes the distance seem much shorter.

    I'd definitely recommend Paradise Pier. We'll stay there again.


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    Re: Paradise Pier opinions

    Their pool is open until 11pm too. The Neverland one closes a little early for our taste. Thankfully, it's a short walk to and from our room in the Sierra Tower .

    PP usually has the lowest rates for their rooms out of the three DL Hotels.

    BTW-VERY cool pic of DCA, DisneyTim!

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